Invitation to Shape the Future of Transit in Niagara

Niagara Transit Commission seeks public input to shape the future of transit in Niagara

The Niagara Transit Commission (NTC) is thrilled to extend an invitation to the public, community organizations, and stakeholders from both public and private sectors to actively participate in shaping the future of transit in the Niagara Region.


Two Key Projects for a Better Transit System

Facilities, Strategic Asset, and Service Network Master Plan

NTC has initiated the Facilities, Strategic Asset, and Service Network Master Plan, led by the consulting firm LTRT Inc. This project aims to optimize infrastructure, service routes, and operational strategies to meet the needs of our communities better.

Rebranding and Marketing Initiatives

In addition, NTC has partnered with HDR Inc., a leading branding and marketing firm, to spearhead rebranding and marketing initiatives. This collaboration aims to create a distinctive and enduring brand identity for Niagara Region Transit, one that resonates with the community and promotes greater public engagement with transit services.

Your Input Matters

The community’s input is vital to creating a transit system that truly serves its needs and reflects its values. We encourage everyone to participate in this transformative process.

Together, we can build a transit system that supports the growth and vitality of the Niagara Region.


Leah Tracey
Executive Assistant & Communications Advisor

1-833-678-5463, ext 3569

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