Branding and Marketing Strategy

Create a unified and distinctive brand identity for Niagara Region Transit.

The Niagara Transit Commission has hired consultant HDR Inc. to oversee the rebranding and targeted marketing efforts of the NTC. By enhancing the visibility and appeal of the Niagara Region Transit, the project aims to attract new riders, retain existing ones, and promote the benefits of public transportation within our community. 

Key Components of this project include:

  1. Brand Identity Development: Consolidating disparate branding elements from prior transit systems to create a unified, distinctive brand identity and accompanying collateral material that resonates across the NTC's regional transit network.
  2. Marketing and Rebranding Strategy: Crafting a robust Marketing and Rebranding Plan tailored to effectively showcase the Commission's array of services, advantages, and ongoing initiatives. Emphasis will be placed on optimizing service coordination, improving marketing strategies, and fostering employee engagement.
  3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Ensuring that the rebranding efforts reflect an inclusive image of the transit network that caters to the diverse needs of all potential user groups within the community.


The NTC invites members of the public, community organizations, and interested parties to actively participate in the Branding and Marketing Strategy and provide valuable input as it progresses. Updates and opportunities for involvement will be communicated through the NTC's website and social media channels.



This project aligns with the NTC’s mission to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable transit service in Niagara by enhancing the system's visibility, attracting new riders, and advocating for public transportation benefits. The vision of connecting Niagara by moving forward together is evident in this collaborative effort to improve services and foster inclusivity among riders. The NTC is driven by core values of diversity, equity, innovation, sustainability, and partnership, ensuring that this project embodies service excellence, safety, customer focus, affordability, and employee success.

Project Timeline

November 2023 – April 2024 – Procurement Process and Approvals

April 2024 – Request for Proposal Awarded to HDR Inc.

April 2024 – Project Kickoff Meeting


Leah Tracey
Executive Assistant & Communications Advisor

1-833-678-5463, ext 3569

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