Passenger Info

Accessible service

All Niagara Region Transit vehicles are fully-accessible. Learn more about accessibility on Niagara Region Transit vehicles.


All Niagara Region Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks. Passengers are responsible for their own bicycles, including loading and unloading bicycles. Bikes are permitted on transit buses.

Clean vehicles

Help us keep the seats and floors clean and free of garbage. Children standing on the seats can make them dirty and is unsafe. Don't consume food or drinks while on the bus.

Pet policy

  • Certified service animals are allowed on all buses if they're identified by collar, neckerchief, vest or harness, with certification from a professional institution.
  • Non-certified small dogs and animals are allowed on transit vehicles if they're in animal carrier.

Strollers on buses

The safest place for a young child while on-board a bus is in the arms of an adult. For the safety of all transit users:

  • The maximum size for a stroller is two feet wide and four feet long. This allows for safe maneuverability.
  • Passengers with strollers may bring their child onboard while the child remains in the stroller.
  • Securement devices are for wheelchairs and scooters not strollers.
  • When space permits, passengers may leave their child in the stroller if the passenger holds the stroller and the stroller doesn't block the aisle. The brakes must also be applied.

Personal belongings

Remember to take all your personal belongings with you when you leave the bus.

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