Niagara Region Transit offers fare payments and OnDemand service in the Transit App

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, riders will be able to pay for Niagara Region Transit trips and connect with OnDemand service using the Transit App.

Niagara Region Transit riders can purchase local and regional fares in the Transit App by using the “Buy ticket” button at the bottom of their screen. Users can create a Transit account and enter their credit card information to purchase a ticket. When they’re ready to ride, customers scan the activated pass at on-board validators.

As part of this new payment feature, fare validators will be installed across the entire Niagara Regional Transit fleet, allowing passengers to board swiftly by scanning their smartphone. Riders can also seamlessly access OnDemand service from the NRT OnDemand app.

When reviewing trip options, the Transit App will provide riders with trip plans that feature OnDemand, for either point-to-point service or as part of a multimodal trip plan that connects OnDemand with fixed-bus route service. With just one tap, users can seamlessly connect to the NRT OnDemand app and request their ride.

By enabling transit riders to plan, track, and pay for their ride in one app, Niagara Region Transit is providing customers with reliable and intuitive service at every step of the journey.

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